12 نوفمبر 2013

My first poem in English

Whenever I try
To catch its feelings
He flies
Without wings, but he still could fly
Oh.. Heart

31 أكتوبر 2013

Who was my pervious mom? Short story

As a child, I used to think stupidly, and I was not aware what was going on! I used to have strange questions, like (Why do animals walk by four legs not two or three? Why did not I meet my father when he was child?) And so on.

27 أكتوبر 2013

I wish days were 24 hours: short story

I used to hear my friend complaining that he wish days were 30 hours instead of 24, I was in level 4 and wasn't aware how lucky I was.
Reaching level 6 makes me feel regret, and helps me to discover that I was such foolish student!
At the first time in the class, our teacher reminded us that we don't have enough time, and we should hurry up and exterminate the weaknesses of our skills.

Idioms; Short Story.

Yesterday, our teacher asked us to go to the library, not to have fun but to learn about something new, he aimed to let us learn some idioms.
And while I was chewing Qat in the dark last night, I got an idea that to put the idioms in speech which seemed an amazing idea. I knocked myself out, and tried many times to prepare good speech, and at the end I gave up, found it difficult, I talked to myself, it's impossible to do it, it is just a stupid idea, suddenly, I felt that my chest hurt me and then an invisible body emerged from it and faced me, he was angry and stared at me and shouted: "Not in your life that you are going to prevent such an idea from being created," he broke the silence!

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