31 أكتوبر 2013

Who was my pervious mom? Short story

As a child, I used to think stupidly, and I was not aware what was going on! I used to have strange questions, like (Why do animals walk by four legs not two or three? Why did not I meet my father when he was child?) And so on.

I still remember my weirdest thought which was about people who die:
(Why did not they wake up when the others carry them to the grave lands?
And why did they put them in such dark holes alone?
It is better to let them in their homes where they will take care about them until they wake up again.
And are they going to come back? Or will they be born again?
If so, what about me?
Did I die before? And how many times I did?
Who was my pervious mom?)
I spent much time trying to find out which one of our village's ladies was my pervious mom, but no one of them seemed to be such a mom for me!
(May be she is in another village, who knows!) I thought.


البعداني, شاب طموح يسعى لتقديم كل هو مفيد.

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